Adventures in Fatherhood: The One-Liners

kal cereal

Bedtime conversations with Kal.
“Kal, I sure am glad that God made me your daddy.  And I’m glad He made you my boy.”
“Dad I’m glad He invented farts.”

Me too son… too.
karrick ryne frog“Son, there’s no way you can catch a frog on a rod and reel with a redworm.”

Classic one liner for a 7 year-old boy tonight.
After a typical boy’s 90 second shower with his mother unfortunately in the vicinity,
Kal got to hear the old “there is no way you could have washed!.
Did you wash your face and tail?”
He honestly answered that he didn’t wash his face and was ordered back into the shower.
Once back in the shower,
I heard him yell,
“Hey mom, could you get me another wash cloth?  I already washed my butt with this one.” 
Instinct….he already knows the unwritten MAN laws of showering, wash your butt last, or in his case……
wash butt only (cause your face doesn’t stink).
And he might have actually been listening those times when he asked if he really had to take a shower
and I told him to just jump in and get his hair wet and wash his butt.
Guess we both are busted.
kr and kal big bass
I know that my wife beat me to the punch on posting this pic….
But pictures can’t describe the laughter and mayhem that ensued when Kal Google image searched “world’s biggest turd” on the drive to our fishing spot.
They’re only young once. Enjoy it and don’t tell mom.
macy shoe
Macy, ya think it might be time for some new soccer shoes?
“No daddy, I think these will be ok.  I got em taped back together pretty good.”

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