I’m Right and You’re Wrong…..The Bible Tells Me So

ernest t

Honest question.  If you have to tell somebody you’re a Christian………should you even bother telling them you’re a Christian?

John 13 NIV -//

34 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

Early followers of Christ were known for their love for one another.  What are Christians known for today, either fairly or unfairly?

We’re pretty judgmental.

no rock throwing 2

We cast a lot of stones.

We’re pretty good at digging up scripture that pertains to what someone else is doing wrong.

We get hung up on 4-letter words, beer-drinking, proper dress, and gay marriage.

We’re pretty good about downplaying the importance of the words of James 3 about taming the tongue.

Christians have a pretty massive presence on social media on the argument scene.  But some truths spoken in poor spirit in large doses to large audiences (and properly twisted by media) do much more harm than good.

We behave as if we are in charge of the deliverance of grace, and we’re stingy with it.

We’ve twisted the perception of what being a Christian is.

We spend too much energy trying to get people to agree with us while failing to devote ourselves to becoming like Christ.

Some battles are worth fighting and God’s truths can’t be compromised.

But Jesus commanded His disciples to be known by their love, not by their ability to quote scripture as a weapon to condemn others or win arguments.


If we have to tell somebody we’re a Christian, maybe we shouldn’t bother telling them.  Maybe we should seek to understand more, surrender more, love more.  Be transformed.  Then others will know we are Christians by our love, and they will want to follow who we follow.

Everyone that we encounter, every single day, its’ safe to assume…….”God wants me to love this person.”  It’s not always easy (obviously).  Sometimes we have to walk away and pray and try again another day…..day after day.

The Bible’s a pretty big book so I guess that gives us a lot of chances to make things a lot more complicated than they should be.  But I think Jesus is called Savior for a reason.  He changes lives and He saves people.  Followers of Jesus are supposed to lead the lost to Him.  We don’t have to change anybody or win an argument first (I’m sure somebody will argue me on this).  We have to lead a life that makes others want to follow who we follow.

I think that those who love most, just has Jesus commanded, stand the greatest chance of influencing those who need Jesus most.

Love is greater than knowledge.  So don’t get hung up on being “right” as an excuse for actions that aren’t Christ-like.

2 thoughts on “I’m Right and You’re Wrong…..The Bible Tells Me So

  1. Great post. It seems like many Christians are more about what they are against than what we should all be for.

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