Dear Underclassmen…

Most of my thoughts lately have simply been negative and abrasive and not worth sharing. But my daughter has written I great piece aimed at her peers but certainly applicable to all.

maddie shay dyer

Everyone has always told me that junior year would be the most challenging of my four high school years. Yeah, it was tough, although what I would consider to have been the most challenging aspect would not be academic-related in the least. So much change has taken place, and I’ve emerged a year later exhausted, yet spiritually renewed.I’ve been slapped with a large dose of reality and haunted by the fact that I’m growing up. Time and time again, I have been reminded of my own insignificance. Paralyzed by how little I know. Years of inattentiveness and detached observation of the world around me. Now I see that it’s nearing time for me to become a part of it, and I don’t quite yet know how God is going to use me to accomplish his purpose in it.

So here’s what I’ve learned: I’m small. It is my duty to…

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