Just Buy the Paint

Don’t make things more complicated than they need to be. Arguments rage over gay marriage and Confederate flags. Christians swing their bibles at non-Christians with an obsession with identifying what sin is. Two thoughts crept into my small brain. 1) The mirror is powerful. Perhaps Satan distracts us with talk of sin while we fail miserably in the area of obedience. Matthew 28:19 “Go and make disciples of all nations” When we look in the mirror, how devoted are we to becoming better disciples? 2) People whose hearts are geared for obedience to God and mission work seem to steer clear of most of the petty bickering that myself and others are constantly drawn into.
My wife, daughters, and oldest son are away in the Dominican Republic on a mission trip this week. One day, their group worked along side a mission organization painting the very modest homes of people that struggled to find their next meal or clean water. My wife posted pictures on Facebook. One picture caught my eye and brought a tear to my eye…..my youngest daughter standing beside a young girl with hand-painted flowers on the side of their home. I noticed the flowers in other pictures on other homes. I’m guessing my girls had something to do with at least some of those personal loving touches.
Just a sobering reminder to their cynical father. Don’t make things more complicated than they need to be. Love. Serve. Trust God. Become the best disciple you can be. Those are the kinds of changes that Christians really need to concern themselves with making. Just a little more paint, I guess.

Just A Dad

DSC00547just buy the paintdr 2015

“Raising Strong Daughters”,

That was going to be the name of this post.
But the thoughts and reflections have spun out of control.
What started out as four or five little points grows daily (over ten now).
I guess it’s not a coincidence that my oldest daughter turns 18 and leaves for college tomorrow.
It wouldn’t be correct to say that my life is flashing before my eyes.
But I do find myself drifting back to the day she was born (and all points in between). That wild combination of joy and fear. The realization that I was now responsible for the direction of the life of another person. A new awareness of dependence on God.
Eighteen years later……..I wouldn’t enter her in a dishwasher loading contest.
And she struggles with the concept of turning out lights in unoccupied rooms.
But for all those times I uttered that prayer,

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